Terrific Travel Tips


I am going to be honest here, a holiday can bring many a change to their environment, routine and rituals which can impact a little one's sleep (sigh), especially if there is a time difference involved. It however doesn’t mean that it is off track forever so try not to panic and enjoy those precious memory making holidays!

I have travelled all across the globe with little ones in tow and my biggest travelling tips which I wanted to share with you are:

Take their usual, unwashed comforter/bed buddy plus a spare with you

Take the dirty sheet off their cot to put on travel cot so it smells of home. Ditto with worn PJ'S. Know this sounds like utter madness but it really can make a difference and make them feel settled.

Take a few of their (small) familiar favourite toys and books with you

Don’t stress or worry about getting them on the time zone you are going to before you go, all rather fruitless in grand scheme of things!

Put your watches to local time soon as you get on the plane

Once there try to go by your little one not your watch! The travelling and change can make them feel a little unsettled so lots of reassurance and going with them, they will be hungry and tired when they are hungry and tired not when the clock says so.

Encourage them to drink plenty of fluids, usual milk and regular snacks

At bedtime stick to your usual routine as closely as you can. 

If you need to co-sleep, rock to sleep or whatever you need to do, go with it for now! Try not to panic that this is it FOREVER, as it doesn’t have to be that way. Sleep can and does get back on track once home with a bit of boundaries and consistency.

Most importantly enjoy your time on holiday as a family and have a drink or three for me please!

Happy holidays everyone X