I don’t know how to thank Kerry other than let other people know how fantastic she is! Her help and guidance has completely overhauled our 9 month old’s bedtime routine and eradicated our ‘bed dread’! We have gone from traumatic bedtimes including rocking, patting, shushing, swaying (sometimes all at the same time!) and the - should be Olympic skill - of putting him in his cot without him waking to putting him in his cot awake and him settling himself to sleep. Gone are the tears (sometimes from both of us!) and in its place is a happier calmer bedtime routine carefully planned by Kerry.
— Laura Jayne

I can’t recommend Kerry and her care it out approach enough. Every single parent with sleep struggles should be made aware that there is an alternative to cry it out that 100% works. 3 weeks ago I wouldn’t have believed it myself but after following Kerry’s advice the difference in my little girl’s sleep is incredible. She is so much more easily settled no more bedtime battles, and has even slept a full night!
— Jo Mellor

When our Daughter was born, the first thing our Midwife told me was, be confident with your Baby, the confidence rubs off on the Baby.
Problem with being confident, is you need the experience and knowledge to be Confident.
This experience and knowledge is exactly what Kerry brings.
— Gareth Hall

Kerry and her approach are amazing. I worked with Kerry for the last two weeks and within a few days saw so many improvements on nap time (our focus) already. She is incredibly kind and warm and fun to work with and has the caring approach we were looking for as a family.
— Anne Marie Boehse Kuenze

Really simple, straightforward advice - a great ability to take an objective view and unpick the knots we’d got ourselves into!
4 months of hell sat outside his bedroom for up to 2 hours a night, solved in about 4 days. Magic! Thank you for giving us our sanity back.
— Esther Hastings

Kerry has helped me twice with sleep issues. The first time was after my daughter hit the 4 month sleep regression and the second time was more recently when my daughter was 19 months old. After a spell of illness she got into the habit of waking up frequently in the night & having milk & sleeping with me. I was waking up every 2 hours & was so sleep deprived that I was struggling to cope at work.
— Cheryl Abrahams