Cot Cruising, Crawling And Cartwheels

At the start you can pop your Small into their sleep space, and they tend to stay in one place.  This usually helps them to fall asleep a little easier.

As your Small develops their physical skills, they learn to move, crawl and cruise around. This is super exciting and cute during the day. Just not as cute when it comes to taking a nap or bedtime!

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Sleep Swings And Roundabouts

It's natural that your Small goes through times of settled (ish!) sleep and times when it's an utter shiz show. Your Small's sleep can be swings and roundabouts!

It's so tough and tiring but it IS totally natural. I promise you aren't doing anything wrong and your Small isn't missing their sleep setting

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Ditching The Dummy

It maybe a sleep shock to hear a sleep consultant say this but I’m very pro dummy and my general advice is always don’t rush to ditch it especially without looking at other reasons why your small might be sleep struggling first!

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Mind Your Own Business

“Is your baby a good sleeper?”

“Is your baby sleeping through the night yet?”

These are often the first thing people ask as soon as you’ve had your baby, you’re lucky if you’ve announced the birth before it starts!

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Screens, sleep and sensible advice

I have a sensible and an “everything in moderation” approach to most things in life. Tech can be necessary, useful AND educational; however like most things over indulging in them can cause an impact elsewhere. As an infant sleep consultant I have experienced numerous times  how screen usage can impact infant sleep.

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The Fourth Trimester

The first 12 weeks after the birth of your new baby is sometimes referred to as the 4th Trimester. It has come to be named this because during the first 3 months of their life, your new born baby will often behave like they are still in the womb; have their eyes closed, asleep for most of the time only waking to feed.

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Terrific Travel Tips

I am going to be honest here, a holiday can bring many a change to their environment, routine and rituals which can impact a little one's sleep (sigh), especially if there is a time difference involved. It however doesn’t mean that it is off track forever so try not to panic and enjoy those precious memory making holidays!

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