Frequently asked questions

Can you give me a guarantee it will work?

Sadly, there aren’t any guarantees in life and I would feel dishonest if I said that every family gets to their ideal sleep situation.

What I’m certain of is:

  • We’ll only work together if I feel confident we can move forward
  • I’ll be totally upfront if there’s anything likely to affect your progress before we start for example reflux/illness/weight
  • 98% of families are over the moon with the progress they make
  • If I can’t help you (this is incredibly rare!) I’ll try to find someone who can.


Will my baby cry?

Every little one is unique and will respond differently to their sleep suggestions. It really does depend on what we are changing; for some sleep stories it’s a small tweak that makes a big difference, whilst for others it can be looking at bedtime boundaries which can take time.

If we change something big, it’s unrealistic to expect it to be totally tear free BUT my role is to minimise the crying AND if they do cry we will meet that need every single time. This is care it out, not cry it out!


How long until I see sleep improvements?

Your sleep story is one of a kind, so it depends on what we’re focusing on.

We go at your small one's pace, because let’s face it they are in control of this sleep gig!

Most families will start to see improvement within 10-14 days if they are consistent and keep in touch with me.

The average time I work with a family for is 2 weeks and the majority are ready for sign off at this stage. They may not be 100% at their ideal sleep situation but they feel confident to go sleep solo.

Some families of course can see big improvements much sooner and for some it may take longer.


What happens at my consultation?

  • I’ll call or visit you at home at our confirmed time
  • We’ll work through your sleep story together and I’ll pinpoint exactly why your small’s sleep is disturbed. Rest assured it’s never something you’re doing wrong there’s always biology behind a sleep struggle!
  • I make my caring sleep suggestions. Don’t worry I won’t tell you what you should do or tell you to leave your baby to cry!  It’s important that you tell me if you think my suggestions aren’t going to work for you, so I can suggest something that will
  •  We say our goodbye’s leaving you feel reassured, informed and excited that things can get better with time and consistency


What happens after my consultation?

If you’re on a sleep service package:

  • I’ll send through your detailed and clear sleep suggestions as discussed in your consultation within 48 hours
  • You start to implement your sleep suggestions
  • Your aftercare: you get 2 weeks to stay in touch and keep me updated. It comes as no surprise that the families that make the most progress are the ones that stay in touch with me!
  • We can catch up every day if needed, just send me an email by 9am and I’ll give you a call slot

Please note that if I haven’t heard from you by 9am it’s unlikely I will be able to call you back


What happens once my aftercare finishes?

Don’t worry I’m not planning on going anywhere! Most families get signed off after 2 weeks, meaning they’re either at their ideal sleep situation or they feel confident going sleep solo.

If you feel you need some extra support I’m always happy to answer general questions via email, and you can top up your aftercare for an additional charge subject to availability at any time.

One week’s standalone of after care is £100


What is their “biological best”? 

  • They take age/stage appropriate naps without a fight
  • Bedtime is smooth and stress free; it’s more bed ready than dready!
  • They do solid chunks of sleep at night before waking for a feed if they need one
  • If they wake for a feed: they feed and are easily settled back into their sleep space


What sleep service package do I need?

You can find information on prices and packages HERE.