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I know it feels like you're doing something wrong and that you're the reason that your Small isn't sleeping. I know you've read all the sleep books and tried all the sleep advice. People say it's your fault because you've created bad bed habits, you've tried everything but nothing's worked so you must be to bed blame, right? Wrong! I know you're at the end of your sleep tunnel tired, but I just wanted to let you know:

  • You aren't doing anything wrong because there's no right way to do it

  • You aren't creating any bad bed habits because there aren't any to make

  • You aren't to bed blame because there's always science behind a sleep struggle

  • You're not the reason your Small is sleep struggling. Yes, really I promise.

Now this bit I really want to shout out loud: "You don't have to sleep train or leave your small to cry it out. Ever. Not even for a bit."

Even IF your Small has woken up for the billionth time that hour or hasn't slept since last week, you aren't alone there's always sleep science behind unsettled sleep.

The most likely reason your small is sleep struggling is surprisingly simple and once you know it, IT makes total sense.

Check out my FREE video by signing up below and I'll simply explain one of my biggest sleep science bombs, and most likely reason behind your sleepless nights. Let's be honest, that’s what you're all here for; my caring suggestions to help your small settle. In just 30 minutes you could be on the road to sleep harmony...

Sending massive love and sleep solidarity to you all x

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